Synchronization & Licensing

 StreaminnHub Inc licenses its musical compositions for use in:
  • Film
  • Commercials
  • TV
  • Video
  • Ringtones
  • Videogames
  • Consumer Products
  • Toys
  • New Media
  • New Recordings
  • Trailers/Promos
  • Internet
  • Live Performance
  • Corporate Events

If you’re interested in using an StreaminnHub Inc composition, please submit a quote request form with the appropriate information as described in more detail below. Licensing fees and rates will differ for each type of request. Please note that a license cannot be guaranteed in each case.

Synchronization License

A synchronization license (also called a “synch” license) is needed to synchronize music with a video image. This includes using an FM Records composition in Film, TV, Commercials, Video/DVD, Videogames, Trailers/Promos, etc. If you’re interested in obtaining a Synchronization License, please click this link to fill out a quote request form. You may also contact:
Attn:StreaminnHub Inc

Live Stage Production License

A license is needed if you’re interested in using an StreaminnHub Inc composition in a live stage production. This includes (but is not limited to) uses in Theater, Plays, Dance and Ballet. If you’re interested in obtaining a live stage production license, please click this link to fill out a quote request form.

All Other Requests

Ringtone, Consumer Product, Karaoke, Internet, New Media, Samples, Translations, Parodies and other requests may be sent to:
Attn: StreaminnHub Inc

Please be sure to include the following information in your request letters:

  • Title of composition(s) interested in using
  • Writer(s) of composition(s)
  • Portion of the composition you want to use (ex: first 30 seconds, chorus, entire song, etc.)
  • Media
  • Detailed Project / Product Description
  • Territory
  • When use will occur (term requested)
  • Contact Info (name, mailing address, telephone, email address, fax number)

Mechanical Use License

A Mechanical Use License is needed if you want to record and distribute an StreaminnHub Inc composition on either a physical album (such as a CD) or via digital delivery.
Contact Email:

Master Use License

Please note that if you wish to use an original/master recording of a song, you must also obtain a Master Use License from the owner of the recording (which is usually the record label). To look up record label information for a particular musical composition you can go to web site at