Ayron Michael

True artists open themselves up and allow creativity and passion to break barriers, shape dreams and forge futures. Pursuing music as a career, and ultimately a catalyst for change is not something Ayron had to consciously plan. And it’s not something he takes lightly. He always knew it was his destiny, even as a young boy. For Ayron, it’s not about creating music for fame, fortune, and personal gain. He wants to use his soulful harmonies—what he calls “Groove Music”—to offer love and hope to the less fortunate.
A native of Ft. Pierce, Florida, as a child, Ayron used to perform as Michael Jackson and Stevie Wonder for his family. “I used to imagine I was them on stage in front of millions of people,” he recalls. The stage was his mother’s dining room floor on Saturdays; sometimes, it was the coffee table. While he didn’t receive a musical education in the formal sense, he grew up in church, was influenced by Gospel and comes from a musical family. After graduating from college, Ayron began to pursue his career.
The right people recognize real, raw talent. Ayron’s stage presence and performance abilities have been refined by none other than James Watkins, the father of T-Boz of the legendary TLC; and Roosevelt “Roc” Williams has mentored Ayron in the areas of vocal styling, laying harmonies and the recording process. Ayron has had the privilege of singing background for Angie Stone and opening up for R & B artist Tank. Get ready: he is about to unleash his debut album.
Ayron’s debut CD, titled Unleashd, launches with the single “Have it Your Way,” featuring Emmy-nominated Hip Hop artist T.O.N.E-z. After selecting a sexy track from producer SuperStar O, Roc and Ayron came up with the perfect arrangement. The only thing missing was a rapper. After considering many options—from Young Joc to Dre Blac—Ayron had his sights set on T.O.N.E.-z, who, inspired by what Ayron and his team had put together, laid his verse in just one take. Perfection. Other gems include “Party” and “One Night.” With this album, expect soul-stirring harmonies over hard-hitting, synth-based production, laced with guitar and piano. Ayron feels that hearing his first single over the radio waves would mark a breakthrough in his career. Make no mistake about it: becoming a household name, for Ayron, is not about him. “Being on a global platform would allow me to do so much good for people. I just want to help people.”
Ayron’s not being facetious, either. He intends to use his talents and proceeds to help those living with Sickle Cell Anemia, as he has the trait for the condition himself. Addressing child hunger is another issue also very close to his heart. Ultimately, he wants to share his soul with the world and spread joy in the process. One thing is crystal clear: by Ayron Michael becoming unleashed, others will definitely be uplifted.